Monday, 18 February 2013

Helping others

Hey its me Zezi so hope y'all ok .

So happy late valentines DAY guys! So what did you do for valentines? Well first of all i have to say you were lucky if you had a valentine. Do you wanna know what i did on the 14 of February, well i went up in my room turned the tv on and watched a bunch of sad movies all by myself yeah wateva you can sing the song if you like, so i didnt get a valentine but life goes on doesn't it yeah, i think it does lol. enough about what i did on valentines day so amma tell you whats happening in my life this year and what i wanna achive as a person this year and also what GOD wants all of us to do really.
Well this year am going to focus on helping others around me and around the world because theres alot of people suffering around the world so am gonna try and help as much as i can in any way that i can even. So yeah, the first thing am doing is a Christian aid walk thing down at Tittersworth reservoir in Stoke on trent, but you know what would be great well it would be great if you can join us and everyone else thats doing it well if you live in Stoke like me then you can do the walk but if you don't please just find one around where you live. The second thing i've got on my mind is RED NOSE DAY i need something to do for red nose day but for money so if you got anything in mind tweet me at @girlzan on twitter then i can try to persuade some of my friends to give me money to do the dare or anything really. Well if you do any of these two things am doing, think about how many peoples lives you can change.

if you havent figured it out yet well on valentines day i was at school so there was no way i could have watched sad movies cause when i came back home i went to bed tired from all the tests i had to do.
And this is to my girls
HEY WLD CREW SO I NEED YOU GUYS TO DO THIS WITH ME SO ARE YOU IN.  ( text me if ya'll in ya'll got my number by the way am using my old number again. )
GOD bless all  ;) (:

Thursday, 14 February 2013

That day when everyone goes mushy..

Hi, Saff here.
Me, Zsara, Zani, Hannah and Zezi all sayyy...
"Happy valentines day!"
We did actually too... kind of in our minds, well, i didn't hear them myself, but i'm saying it for them. 'cus i know that's what they wanna say, but they haven't said the words -out-loud- for some kinda reason, they probably can't even speak 'cus there lovestruck or some other crazy lovey dovey thing like that. Hehe. You get me.

..and just to make it clear..

Keep lovin'

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Ayup y'all

Hey so its me Zeziiiii

I know its been a long time since i last did a post on here but am back ya'll (excited?) i bet you are.
so i have no idea of what to write about so am just going to write anything that come up in my stupid brain kay.

So like its past christmas now and you have to be honest you cant wait till summer can you? well i can't cause am really sick and tired of these cold weathers, school is getting boring, am missing my friends and home life can get kinda boring. so thats why i can't wait till summer cause when its summer we can hang out anyyyyy time lol. 

Oh and YOUTH IS BACK ON! { YEAH BABY } (It's been cancelled for agesss)
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