Thursday, 13 June 2013


So everything's kinda hectic and frantic presently, so us girls don't often have time to blog, okay? Gooood.

Life sure doesn't stop for anybody and actually there isn't really  a lot we can do about it. SO we just got to hold on tight, stay focused, keep calm and carry on!

I know that Zezi and Hannah are both busy with exams and revision and lots of homework, so they struggle to  find time to set aside to write blog posts. Also, me with college is kinda busy and I have plenty of coursework and I don't spend a lot of time at home, apart from evenings and then its too late! But we are trying!
So although we may not be able to update our readers on our life's on here, you can catch up with us via our new twitter account! (@thewildgirls7)
Hopefully when the summer holidays finally arrive we will all be able to see each other a whole lot more and plan more ideas for this blog...rather than you having to wait like 2months for our next post, ha!
Anywhoooo... I'll leave you with some like bomb pictures....

Be cool y'all. I love you all a lot.....but God loves you all like zillions more.

Peace out & eat gummy bears xo

-By Saff-
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