Friday, 2 November 2012

What God can do

Hi it's Zezi did you guys miss me bet you did.

Basically yeah a couple of saturdays ago something happened to moi..

We had this alpha trip to this place called the UCB christian broadcast and at first i thought it was a waste of time but then after a few hours people started talking about what the power of God can do and it started to get more and more interesting then a few hours later like after lunch we went back in this small room where Trevor started preaching about how much the power of God can do and how much God loves you.

Then after a few minuets later of singing some amazing songs and just praising Gods name Trevor started preaching about how much God loves each and everyone of us and as soon as he started preaching i got this weird feeling it was weird but amazing at the same time in my mind i just kept thinking {God doesn't love me why would he love someone like me i've done too many sins why would he love me or why would he even forgive my sins }and as i kept thinking the same thing over and over again i kept having this feeling like i wanted to cry but the tears couldn't come out so when we took a little break i told my friends that i felt like crying then Saff told me if i felt like crying i should just go for it.

Then when we were back in the room and Trevor started talking about how much God loves us and what the power of God can do i started crying cause i suddenly felt like God loves me for who i am and i heard a voice out of no where telling me { God loves you no matter what } even more tears started coming out and i couldn't stop crying for like 30 minuets and to me thats the longest time i've ever cryed for.
Then this lady called Veronica came up to me and she made me feel happy and i started to believe that God really loves me by the words she was saying to me. Then she asked me if i wanted to be prayed for and i said yes then Pastor Trevor prayed for me then after that i felt like a new person inside. And i have to say my friends were very surportive after all that and i love them to bits HANNAH, SAFF, ZANI AND ZSARA you guys are amazing and stay WILD .

By Zezi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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