Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hello! Like its Hannah....

*ahem* right...
What I am gonna talk about is commitment, there are different types of commitment out there to your work, studies, marriage, family. But what I am going to talk about is about relationships and how to let God lead... :)
The first time i heard that, i smiled because i knew who i wanted and i was convinced that he was the one!
Fun times.....
It's hard to take it in that we can't always have what we want, he might have the cutest smile or she might have the sweetest laugh but really God is the judge of what happens. And when things went wrong for me, i couldn't believe God would ever put me through that, but looking back on things it did really show i was far from ready for the commitment.
Sounds cheesy, maybe weird...but i was obbessed with this guy, i dreamt of him like everynight and when i wasn't dreaming, i was day-dreaming about him or just staring at my phone waiting for him to say, will you go out with me!
People said to me, "Oh i've seen your eyes sparkle when your round him", or "Why do you always laugh at everything he says or everytime he comes over"....
Maybe...too over emotional...!!
But when i had a teary day, i stopped dreaming about him (most of the time), stopped day-dreaming, and knew i'd be here if he needed me, things went good :D
I've been saying 'i' too much, but really God is too thank for all of this! I know as we're growing up, want our lives to be like romeo and juliet..maybe not the dieing part! But for finding someone you like, not being afraid of what people thought, whatever their background, is i think every girls dream!!
I'm going to leave you with that, it might not make much sense but please read my blog, look at the pictures and take it in, God knows who's right for you, maybe not be a knight in shining armour what God sends you, just have faith in him ;)

Believe in yourself
Pass it on
(because your beautiful)!
Hannah xx

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