Saturday, 15 December 2012

Thought i'd post..

Hello, It's Saff posting tonight. Not sure where the other girls are or what they're doing... hmmm. I'll have to find them, they'll be at church tomorrow, so ill see them then and find out why there so quiet when it comes to blogging. hmmm. lol.
So... yesterday was the carol service at church and the choir sang (which we're in), so we sang some choir songs and some carols, it was good fun and the churches looked all pretty and Christmassy with the main lights off and just lots of Christmas lights, it looked lovely and set the mood perfectly. So that was a good night.
Today we didn't all see each other. I got to see Hannah because it was the prayer day at church so we both went(which was really good), but I didn't see the other girls today... butttt, it's church tomorrow, so I get to see them all tomorrow. :-)

ahhh..nearly Christmas....
busy busy busy.


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