Thursday, 29 November 2012


Hello! Like its Hannah....

*ahem* right...
What I am gonna talk about is commitment, there are different types of commitment out there to your work, studies, marriage, family. But what I am going to talk about is about relationships and how to let God lead... :)
The first time i heard that, i smiled because i knew who i wanted and i was convinced that he was the one!
Fun times.....
It's hard to take it in that we can't always have what we want, he might have the cutest smile or she might have the sweetest laugh but really God is the judge of what happens. And when things went wrong for me, i couldn't believe God would ever put me through that, but looking back on things it did really show i was far from ready for the commitment.
Sounds cheesy, maybe weird...but i was obbessed with this guy, i dreamt of him like everynight and when i wasn't dreaming, i was day-dreaming about him or just staring at my phone waiting for him to say, will you go out with me!
People said to me, "Oh i've seen your eyes sparkle when your round him", or "Why do you always laugh at everything he says or everytime he comes over"....
Maybe...too over emotional...!!
But when i had a teary day, i stopped dreaming about him (most of the time), stopped day-dreaming, and knew i'd be here if he needed me, things went good :D
I've been saying 'i' too much, but really God is too thank for all of this! I know as we're growing up, want our lives to be like romeo and juliet..maybe not the dieing part! But for finding someone you like, not being afraid of what people thought, whatever their background, is i think every girls dream!!
I'm going to leave you with that, it might not make much sense but please read my blog, look at the pictures and take it in, God knows who's right for you, maybe not be a knight in shining armour what God sends you, just have faith in him ;)

Believe in yourself
Pass it on
(because your beautiful)!
Hannah xx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Be what you wanna see!

"When the sun goes down, and the lights burn out, then it's time for you to shine. Brighter than the shooting star, so shine no matter where you are. Fill the darkest night, with a brilliant light, 'cause it's time for you to shine. Brighter than a shooting star, so shine no matter where you are, tonight. Brighter than a shooting star. Shine no matter where you are, tonight."

{In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16}
Be what you wanna see!
God Rocks!
Saff xox

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Just me rumbling about random stuff

Sup it's Zani in the building. I don't know what to write about but you now I'll write about what comes in my mind first, im thinking............ Lol

I just thought, what if I write about school and this week. Right this week was the last day of alpha. And we had choir which we all had fun, my mum came for the first time my baby sister came too.
On Thursday we all stayed home.
On Friday we went youth group the craziest place on earth we had the craziest time playin laughing and you know YOLO. Yesterday was the firework night it was great, we ate burgers, sweets and had fizzy drinks (well zsara didn't eat any thing because she's vegetarian)  yeah the fireworks were amazing thanks to Dan Nicklin and Kieran Thompson.

Today was fine we went church had biscuits (lovely) and tea (Hannah doesn't like tea so she didn't have tea) yeah now I'm just going watch music on the Tv and chill, but I have to iron the clothes yeah school has been ok not really fun just ok I can say lol!

Love you all
Thank you God for fire works , tea , biscuits , schools , friends , and every single thing you created. ( I LOVE YOU SOOOO SOOOO MUCH GOD. )

Ohh I feel like having some chocolate has anyone got some for me plz...?

Friday, 2 November 2012

What God can do

Hi it's Zezi did you guys miss me bet you did.

Basically yeah a couple of saturdays ago something happened to moi..

We had this alpha trip to this place called the UCB christian broadcast and at first i thought it was a waste of time but then after a few hours people started talking about what the power of God can do and it started to get more and more interesting then a few hours later like after lunch we went back in this small room where Trevor started preaching about how much the power of God can do and how much God loves you.

Then after a few minuets later of singing some amazing songs and just praising Gods name Trevor started preaching about how much God loves each and everyone of us and as soon as he started preaching i got this weird feeling it was weird but amazing at the same time in my mind i just kept thinking {God doesn't love me why would he love someone like me i've done too many sins why would he love me or why would he even forgive my sins }and as i kept thinking the same thing over and over again i kept having this feeling like i wanted to cry but the tears couldn't come out so when we took a little break i told my friends that i felt like crying then Saff told me if i felt like crying i should just go for it.

Then when we were back in the room and Trevor started talking about how much God loves us and what the power of God can do i started crying cause i suddenly felt like God loves me for who i am and i heard a voice out of no where telling me { God loves you no matter what } even more tears started coming out and i couldn't stop crying for like 30 minuets and to me thats the longest time i've ever cryed for.
Then this lady called Veronica came up to me and she made me feel happy and i started to believe that God really loves me by the words she was saying to me. Then she asked me if i wanted to be prayed for and i said yes then Pastor Trevor prayed for me then after that i felt like a new person inside. And i have to say my friends were very surportive after all that and i love them to bits HANNAH, SAFF, ZANI AND ZSARA you guys are amazing and stay WILD .

By Zezi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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