Sunday, 11 November 2012

Just me rumbling about random stuff

Sup it's Zani in the building. I don't know what to write about but you now I'll write about what comes in my mind first, im thinking............ Lol

I just thought, what if I write about school and this week. Right this week was the last day of alpha. And we had choir which we all had fun, my mum came for the first time my baby sister came too.
On Thursday we all stayed home.
On Friday we went youth group the craziest place on earth we had the craziest time playin laughing and you know YOLO. Yesterday was the firework night it was great, we ate burgers, sweets and had fizzy drinks (well zsara didn't eat any thing because she's vegetarian)  yeah the fireworks were amazing thanks to Dan Nicklin and Kieran Thompson.

Today was fine we went church had biscuits (lovely) and tea (Hannah doesn't like tea so she didn't have tea) yeah now I'm just going watch music on the Tv and chill, but I have to iron the clothes yeah school has been ok not really fun just ok I can say lol!

Love you all
Thank you God for fire works , tea , biscuits , schools , friends , and every single thing you created. ( I LOVE YOU SOOOO SOOOO MUCH GOD. )

Ohh I feel like having some chocolate has anyone got some for me plz...?

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