Sunday, 30 September 2012


Hi guys it Zezi i know you guys have missed my posts but you didn't have to say it out loud... ( just kidding! )

So since i haven't seen any of the girls, i will tell you guys how THE WILD CREW IS IMPROVING i thought i would just do that then since i had nothing on my mind to write about .

Yeah so i think you guys know how the idea of WILD came by and if you don't well this is a quick summary of how it all started...  

......Well we had to do a YOUTH service at church then we had to go and look for some clothes that we were going to wear on that particular day so when we went on a Saturday after an early practice cause the service was the next day. So when we went down Hanley to buy some tops we had an argument with some of  the boys because they wanted to go one way and we wanted to go the other but at the end we sorted it all out and the boys went one way and the girls went the before we went to Primark to buy our WILD TOPS we went crazy crazy around hanley and then after that we went to Primark and bought 6 ORANGE TOPS that say WILD on. Then the next day Zsara came up with WALKING IN THE LORD'S DIRECTION then we just came up with the idea to make a BAND. That wasn't exactly short i know but i hope it all made sense.

....Back to how the WILD crew is improving.
So thats how it all started and now the wild crew is improving because we've now got our own studio and we are trying to make MUSIC.
Zsara is on the DRUMS , Zani is on the GUITAR , Saff's on the PIANO and then Me and Hannah are SINGING.
As a wild crew member i know that if we believe in ourselves and ask GOD for help and stand by each other no matter what happens then we can achieve something great in LIFE.

MATHEW 21:22

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