Saturday, 6 October 2012

At Youth group (which is the craziest place on earth)

I've just been searching various websites for a quote that either inspires me what to write about or sums up what this post is going to be about...but...i couldn't find one, darn it. Ah well, never mind aye!
So I'm just gonna write some stuff..and then hopefully ill figure something out...
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 Ok, so last night was youth group, which i love love love going to because basically its all the crazy youth together (including the WILD crew!) and we talk, giggle, sing, eat lots of sweets, play/listen to music, pray and have fun together...each night one of the youth sort of brings a little message...about things Gods been showing them...or bible verses or revelations or something like that! and its really good, we just sit and listen and think about the words spoken by that one nervous but amazing youth person. Last night, it was my older brother, Oliver's turn and he spoke about awakening and he spoke a little about this bible verse(click). 

He asked us some questions and read from the bible, then he said about the reasons why he/we come to church or youth group, he said that he/we might come because its a bit like a little 'hang out' where we can all be really silly and have buckets of fun, which is good of course...but he asked if that was are main reason?... He said that God had shown him that we should be there for him, to learn more about him and to get closer and in fellowship together and by praying and speaking about him...we can do that. He also asked us what great things we want to do in life.. one said that they wanted to climb mount said they wanted to be a singer...some said that they want to help people and get people saved. Which is like dead cool, but God's not gonna let us do that if were not close to him and putting him first and getting a reasons right. 

We need to think why we go to church and is it really to worship God and to know him more. We need to pray, praise, seek and know God more!! So yeh, i think what he said was really good and spoke to each one of us individually. So God is good! :-)

If you wanna do great things and amazing stuff then we need to be close to God..which will awaken us and make us even.more.alive so we can change the world! :-D

Brew time!


p.s.. post is like really rambly..sorry!...*yikes* 

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