Monday, 15 October 2012

La di da. God is everythinggggg.

La, di, da, di, da. (a random ramble...)

God is good, yes?
God is faithful, yes?
God is amazing, yes?
God is our provider, yes?
God is our healer, yes?
God is our deliverer, yes?
God is our redeemer, yes?
God is strength, yes?
God is almighty, yes?
God is holy, yes?
God is majesty, yes?
God is king, yes?
God is peace, yes?
God is love, yes?
God is hope, yes?
God is joy, yes?
God is everything...

Some of us girls - Hannah, Zsara and Saff (and some of the boys) had to share about stuff that God was doing at a meeting that we went to last Sunday night. We had to speak at the front of the church (scary!?) But God was with us and it felt good to share what God was doing and just talking about his power and Hannah shared about how she got filled with the holy spirit (hopefully she'll share in more detail about that in a post sometime!) also we all got prayed for and God decided to touch us and fill us with this amazing feeling that cant really be explained but it was dead good! God is awesome! :-)

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