Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Babbling on...

Hiiiiiiiii all you awesome peps!!! Zsara's here finally....! Missed me?...ok i get it.. lol

"The lord is my strength and song" oh yeahhh
I thought that was pretty cool so yeah....

lately... me and Zani have been making up a dance, we are gonna teach the WILD crew it when  its finished. Im sooo excited me and  Zani love to dance and sing, we might be doing it at church. (hopfully) if its good enough. we still got to finish of the chorus and second verse but the rest is done.
And you never know, when its done we might video it and put it on here! so keep on reading... you never know when it might pop up. : )

Saff and Hannah are writing some songs for the band. they sound really good.
Zeze is getting really fired up for God so we are all getting excited about him!!! so thats all good : )

So all you peps out there... let your light shine,dont be afraid and smile Jesus loves you! : )

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