Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Relying on God // a lesson i'm learning!

Hiya people :-) Its Saff.
Ok, so I wanted to just talk a little bit about relying on God. If only we did this a little more, life would at least be a little easier. How often do we try to sort things our self because we think we know what's best? I know i do that a lot. When actually, more often than not, when we do this we usually end up making it worse than it was.. oops.
But God has an incredible way of taking hold of these issues and little bits of rubbish and screwing them up and throwing them to the bottom of the ocean, far far away. These things that seem massive to us and like a huge wall, are just teeny weenie little bricks in Gods eyes, that he can sort in a single second....if we let him.
That's why we have to lean on God and be reliant on him..... giving all of our issues and situations to God and letting go and moving on and focusing on what God wants. That's a lesson that i've learnt and ill be honest and say, I'm still learning, but i will get there! Cus i've got good. Yeh, he's a pretty good guy ;-)
Anyway, have a blessed day!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

A video :)

Hey people Zsara. Yeah I know, FINNALLYYYY WE HAVE GOT A VIDEO ON HERE!!! (happy)
I'm hoping it will work, so pray and believe please! : )
Here we go.......

(Our Dance :))

YEAHHHHHHHHHHH, ITS WORKED! : )   (i think) I hope you like it.... yup it's rusty, yup we havent finished it, and yup I made a mistake...and you can hear hannah singing.....but its the best video we have got of it so far (clear) anyway.... Me and Zani started making up this dance awhile ago, and we hardly have any time to practise. We need a time and place to practise, and add new moves. Me and Zani love to dance, and we are trying to persuade the rest of WILD to join in.... ( take the hint guys ) hehe : p

Believe me, when I tell you this, ANYONE CAN DANCE it's true, if you try really hard and put a lot of effort into it, put your own groove to it and... the main thing is...have fun!! That's our secret, obviously not anymore....haha x Love you all loadsssss...... Zsara Jade xxx : )

Monday, 21 January 2013


So like yeah it's snowing we had no schooll today and tomorrow yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol
but Saff had college lucky us. Like we've been trying to make a snow man but we couldn't be bothered to do one, we want to go in town or maybe have a snow ball fight right we gonna make a list of what to do like this week for the snow and stuff here we go

2. Go up town {mall}
4. Go crazy { not really crazy }
5. make a snow angel
6. buy warm socks [ my feet are freezing]
7. have a hot chocolate { from COSTA i've never been there shame :-(}

yeah the maybe more to the list but i can't think right today. LOL we had to babysitt my brother and sister for alot of hours my dad and uncle went in town and my mum went college but my dad had to go clean the church. Aye we gonna leave you know people

                                           A post by ur favourite people
                                                                      [Just kidding] x

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Random questions with Hannah and Saff


Hey everyone, so, we're both sitting in Tesco cafe with not a lot to do, so we thought we'd ask eachother some random questions!!
Prepare yourself for the ultimate randomest blog ever!!
1) Saff have you ever owned more than...(dot,dot,dot) £150? (not including your bank account ;) )
>Ummm, oh yeh! Lol, no i haven't!... Would be pretty cool though ;-)
2) Hannah, do you like eating doritoes with flavoured dips (spicy, herby, cheesy..)?
>Oh yes!! My family says instead of having a sweet tooth i have a 'crisp tooth'! yupp i looovvvveeeee crisps/doritoes :-DDD
3) Saff have you ever seen a member of the royal family? (not on TV!) Cuz i have ;-))))
Because i am a princess!!
>Ha! Nope, i haven' princess? pfft! :-P
4) What is your favourite song at the mintue?....and why?
>Oooooo tricky one! Well i'll list my favourite's' -beneath your beautiful, don't have love, read all about it, never alone, stepping out...etc! (I could name a dozen)
Well, these are my favourite because i can link it to my life, for example read all about it and stepping out is all about we should to more to help others, we werent made just to sit down and do nothing, while the world moves on and grows. Basically yeah...that is what it is :-)))
5) Would you ever, if God told you to go do something which went against everything you believe in, plus christianity, would you do it????
>What? erm... well what God says is overall, no matter what my oppinion/view/beliefs are. Basically God is the centre of it all, he's the main man, he's the important guy. So if he told me to do something, I would do it, no matter what, otherwise i could be missing out on something incredible! So yeh..
6) Whats ya plan for this afternoon? anything cool....?
>Well i'm stuck with you for most of the afternoon so nothing cool....hehe jokes!! Ermmm...well i need to do some revising for thats gonna be boring! But on the plus side, we are going to see that guy  preaching tonight! ;-) so yupp, all good good :p
7) Has there even been a significant moment in your life, which changed you? Could be about christianity or school?
>Ooh, good question, lol. Just growing up i think, is like one big life changing moment! If ya get me, as i slowly get older, my relationship with God is getting stronger and better! Just looking back at things i've faced and seeing how Gods been there with me and teaching me, yeh, it changes ya! Gods good :-)
8) How do you think your developing or changing as a person, what have you learnt?
>Yikes!! Good quesion aswell! Well as-well as you my faith has built me up a lot, looking back at my old self i don't know how i would of survived if God didn't step in and save me! I'm not sure how to explain really just that he is doing something in me which i failed to recognise for around two years! So yeh, Gods my life saver :)
9) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be??
>Erm, me height! Ha, yeh i'm a shorty! But i'm happy :-)
10) If you had to stop the whole world from turning blue, what would you do? 
>I dunno actually! It would be cool, ermm maybe in the future when the technology is better i would invent something to change how people saw things or the earth itself!! L-O-L!
Haha, so yeh, there's our questions to eachother...yeh, i said they were random! :-P
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 
Philippians 4:4
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