Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Relying on God // a lesson i'm learning!

Hiya people :-) Its Saff.
Ok, so I wanted to just talk a little bit about relying on God. If only we did this a little more, life would at least be a little easier. How often do we try to sort things our self because we think we know what's best? I know i do that a lot. When actually, more often than not, when we do this we usually end up making it worse than it was.. oops.
But God has an incredible way of taking hold of these issues and little bits of rubbish and screwing them up and throwing them to the bottom of the ocean, far far away. These things that seem massive to us and like a huge wall, are just teeny weenie little bricks in Gods eyes, that he can sort in a single second....if we let him.
That's why we have to lean on God and be reliant on him..... giving all of our issues and situations to God and letting go and moving on and focusing on what God wants. That's a lesson that i've learnt and ill be honest and say, I'm still learning, but i will get there! Cus i've got good. Yeh, he's a pretty good guy ;-)
Anyway, have a blessed day!


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