Monday, 22 October 2012

You never know what you've got untill you find it


Hey like its Hannah! Sorry this took a long time, but its kinda hard when you don't have interent at home, have to force yourself out of home to go library...its a hard life!

So what happened two Sundays ago....
This is a pic of the place we went Penkhull Chirstian Fellowship( I think that was its name....) Anyhoo, I remember waitng for Saff and Zsara to go this place....I was thinking that this is going to be like any other event we go to, we have an amazing time, hear awesome scriptures and testimonies, sing songs, shed a few tears, and most importantly that lil spark inside us gets ignited, we get so inspired to save the world! Start writing songs, but then the spark dies because things in out life pushes that joy away...
When we got their, we had this sweet african food, and did a lil worship, and then the preacher came up his name was Bishop Eddie (From Africa hence the african food!) It was going well, he was pretty funny and meaningfull although sometimes we couldnt make out what he was saying! Lol yolo.....
Moving on....
I was going through a phaze where i would take in things, but it just goes out the other ear, It was like that, that night. I could hear fine, but whatever i toke in just left me...! Right until one point I heard him blessing people, one thing came up about exams, since i started yr 10 i couldnt handle all the tests i was doing, it just felt like he was answering my prayers! He then brought out this lil oil bottle, and invited us all to the front to get prayed for and blessed, right before that i remember someone saying my name, i knew it couldnt be anyone, but i looked....nothing there, hmmmm....
Hilary, this awesome lady from our church came up and asked us to go up, we were i guess, she asked me if i was ok, i was just like sit there smile and say yes.........(I felt like crying!) We saw people falling down in the spirit because the Lord had come into their life, i had never seen so many people go down in my life!
And before you know it, we we're down there as well!
See full size image
To Cut a long story short, we went down, Zsara went, then Saff and I went last, when he prayed my whole body was trembling from head to toe, I felt him pushing me back, I was like 'excuse me...what are you doing!' I stopped myself, thinking this is crazy, i was so scared of falling back, but i realised God was in control, i went down, my friends said my eyes were closed and i was smiling. I felt so at ease, at peace, even though as soon as i was on the floor i got up because i was embrassed, i just felt so amazing! To know that God was in me, for even a couple of seconds, was pure incredible! I got up laughing and crying, ended up getting tissue! :)
Double portion
That night not only did i have the most amazing experience ever, i recieved the Holy spirit, in tongues :D Saff came upto me afterwards and asked me "Hannah do you want to recieve the holy spirit?" I really wanted to, but i was too afraid that nothing would come out of it and i'd be embrassed. But being as amazing as they are my friends and me somehow wound up praying!
Saff started praying, and i cried, partly out of fear, hope, excitment and expectancy, I cried some more, I strated praying for God to give me tongues, suddenly i felt something in my stomach! I told saff and zsara and they we're like pushing it up towards my mouth, i think by now i was gushing with tears! I took a while to try and calm down, but then i heard, well thought words in my head. I told my friends and they we're like "say it, say it!!"
I opened my mouth, "Shhh...."
"shhh...." And then it burst out, i cannot tell you the how joyfull that experience was!
I got taught a lesson that day, to trust God, before when he entered my life i was afraid to let him work through me, i held back when i felt him in me, but that night truly made me thankfull for my/our father. Now whenever preachers come, people say testimonies i get spark in my heart igniting! And now i am not afraid to let him in, i have been made alive in christ! ;)

                                                                             Believe in yourself
                                                                                 (Pass it on)
                                                                            Because your beautiful!
                                                                                   Hannah xx

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