Monday, 27 August 2012

The Bourne Legacy

Today us girls went to see the cinema to see The Bourne Legacy, we were meant to be seeing Ice age 4 but for some reason it wasn't on..

 Anyway, The Bourne Legacy was epic! We loved it, its an action thriller film, full of running and jumping and shooting and all that kind of stuff, it was really good! It was one of those films where your sitting on the edge if your seat all  the way through the film.. you just dont know what's going to happen next!

We had lots of *ahem* unhealthy snacks...but hey, were young, its ok! We had popcorn (of course!), biscuits, gummy bears, cheese puffs, chocolate and other little random sweet treats which made the day even more fun...we got a little silly and loud at one point though, i guess thats when all the sugar really kicked in! haha!

Its sad, that were all going back to school/college next week, six weeks has gone by so quickly, its like.. *blink*.....and its gone! Its a shame but we've enjoyed the holidays, been hanging out and having fun and being random and wild together :-D

So thank you girls, for that, lets make the most of this last week before we all go back to school/college next week!!

By Saff xox

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