Monday, 10 September 2012

Wild time at the beach

About a week ago all the people from church went the beach, the youth went together in the church mini bus and the others went in the coach or in there own cars.....sooo yeah.....

On the way there, everyone (in the youth bus) were WILD they were, singing, eating snacks, food fights, people sitting on people...., you get the jist, but it was really fun, but after a bit people were moaning about headaches (lol) when it got a bit too wild i just sat with my head phones in, feet up, eating haribos. :-D

When we arrived, we all just ran out shouting, chucked are stuff down then ran down to the sea, it took us a while to get there cause the tied was out, but it was worth was quite warm, everyone was pushing each other in and splashing, pretty much just getting socked!!! i had spare clothes, but most of the others didn't so i just lay there dripping wet with them, we dried out quite fast cause the sun was shining, it was very hot.

After we dried, we went into the arcade and played on games, my favourites were the dance step one, where you follow the moves on the screen against each other and the table air thing (dont know what its called)
but yeah it was good fun!!

...then we went and got a ice cream and some rock, then guess what we went in the sea again (surprise,surprise) and got socked all over again, this time i decided to get changed so me and Zani went and got changed Then the rest of the church people went and we stayed and played frisbee on the beach while the boys played football.
Then we went back it was still wild, people were sitting on each other and being just daft, you know....
then the guy who was driving dropped us off one buy one......

Zsara :-D 

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