Saturday, 16 March 2013

Skit! ( Blog by Zsara )

Hey people, Zsara here : )
Right so first of all we are all well ...
Anyway, at youth group we are doing a skit. A skit is like a play/acting thingy.
But it has no words.
And we started practising last night at youth group.
It was really fun, we all love it!
Im gonna try to find the actual video of it. (not us)

 I've found it. I hope you like it : )

Its ace isn't it!? I love it!

It will be hard, but God will help us all. The hard thing is, keeping a straight face and not laughing. : ) So what do you think? Were going to do it at church, not sure when yet, But it'll be fun. And will touch people.
There is other versions of it on youtube, so if you want to watch other ones or again. Type in : Lighthouse everything skit. And loads will come up!

That ones the best. But some of the others are really funny. Well so im told.

Right ok, cya all!


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