Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Beauty of Believing

Hello like its Hannah :)
I haven't been on here for a while, so i thought i'd put Saff's mind at ease and do a post!


If Christ was here now, if he had never died on the cross, what would be the point of believing? Or if we were born with superpowers, amazing good looks, gifted talents, why would we need hope or to persevere?
Personally the one that stuck out for me, is in the title "Beauty." Even since i started highschool, i realised what i looked like, before i just looked in the mirror with puffy hair, bright blue eyes, a happy face and i just smiled, and thought i'm gonna be model when im older!! But then the torture of being a teenager came along, and i started seeing that my hips got bigger, and i started putting on some weight, and i have a couple of zits appearing.
So like any normal teenager i stopped eating for like ages....(i gave in around a couples of hours :p) Started wearing long cardigans to cover up my hips, and i wore a lot of foundation :-)
But none of that seemed to help....over the years when my faith kicked in, and God took control i started to lose the things that i loved the most... and I thought...
"Err...God i like my life...why are u changing it?! Sure some things are bad, i might misbehave at school but my faith has grown stronger...surely that must be worth keeping for!"
Although i lost a great deal, my popularity, some of my friends, my self-esteem. Things i knew deep down, that i could never get back......
But i now realise after maybe two years, that i did start off in the wrong path, I didn't concentrate on God as much as i should of, he didn't want me to end up thinking like "well i go to church every sunday so that makes me christian." No! He wanted me to see how much he loved me by dying for me, for us, and by using those things that i mentioned earlier, that is how he is going to strengthen me. And God NEVER makes mistakes, he NEVER does things to us out of hatred :)))
I've learned a massive lesson out of this, and i guess our lives, in one way of looking at it is one lesson...
Believing is Beauty
Makeup and dieting won't get me anywhere, and i know that now. By believing it will give your life a whole new meaning, it will change the way you are, it will change you inside and out! :D xx

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